Engaging the world with the Internal Intentions of Jesus

He worked tirelessly for his dream to become real. He was moved to tears more than a few times as he taught his closest friends about the “Kingdom of God.” His actions did not disappoint. He offered hospitality to foreigners, strangers and outcasts. He compassionately healed the sick, fed the poor, grieved with mourners, and confidently challenged the status quo. He walked the dusty trails of uncertainty and endured the humiliation of crucifixion, as his final demonstration of love for humanity.

Philosopher Robert Solomon argues “Emotions are engagements with the world that give us insight into the nature of the world.” This year, as we make the trek from the despair of Golgotha to the hope of Emmaus, what can we learn from Jesus about what it means to be human? What insights from his emotions, his internal intentions, will help us to engage and change the world as he did?


Lakewood UMC is a community of seekers. We dream about being a community where doubts and fears are welcome, where those who hunger and thirst are fed, and where every question is sacred. We love drawing the circle wide and are excited that you’re considering journeying with us.

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We believe God's grace is available to all people, no matter where you're from, what you look like, or who you love. That's why our communion table is open to all.

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