Current Series: Directions

Mary Oliver, the famous American poet, penned these simple, but profound, words:

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

As spring turns to summer, how about we pause and think deeply about what it means to be attentive, astonished and articulate?

April 30: “Pay Attention”
Psalm 16:1-6 & Matthew 26: 31-41
Attentiveness is difficult but ultimately one of the most rewarding skills we can develop.

May 7: “Be Astonished”
Psalm 116:1-4 & Exodus 3:1-12
All around us is wonder upon wonder. Life is too astonishing to fall asleep.

May 14: “Momma Knows Best”
Psalm 31:1-5, Gospel of John 2:1-11
Celebrating the sweat, struggle, and sacrifice of all women.

May 21: “Tell About it.”
Psalm 96:1-4, Luke 6:43-45
You were created as a story telling animal. Go and Tell!


Lakewood UMC is a community of seekers. We dream about being a community where doubts and fears are welcome, where those who hunger and thirst are fed, and where every question is sacred. We love drawing the circle wide and are excited that you’re considering journeying with us.

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