About Us

Whether you are new with us or have called this place home for many years, we welcome you to Lakewood United Methodist Church.

We’re a community that values honest faith, real community, and service that matters.

Honest Faith

Honest faith is about being a community that is a safe place to ask questions. Honest faith is a way of being that wrestles seriously with the harsh realities of the world and finds hope and grace in them. We are a community that believes in the sacredness of all questions and trusts that seasons of struggle and doubt lead to real transformation.

Real Community

Real community is the genuine concern we have for one another. It’s about care and compassion. Real community is pausing to listen to the aches and pains of one another. It’s about creating a community where all people feel safe and are accepted. It is our sincere desire to be a community that cares.

Service that Matters

Service that matters is the steadfast commitment to make the world a better place through tangible acts of service. Whether it’s serving sandwiches at Civic Center Park, offering hospitality to our brothers and sisters from Family Promise, or giving a week of our time to serve others on mission trips - Lakewood UMC is a place where service matters.


Worship is a weekly event where we lift our hearts to God. We believe that you are what you love and through weekly worship experiences your heart is shaped by God. Worship is a transformative encounter which activates faith, hope, and love within you. Worship is the place where you learn to live with compassionate love for yourself, for others, and for the world. 

In this place, you are invited to join us through music and word as we pursue God and find ourselves pursued by God.

May you find and become the love that the world desperately needs through our weekly worship service.


Ben David

Lead Pastor


Ben is a United Methodist Deacon who loves choir music and the worship of the church. He really would like to meet you!

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Spencer LaJoye is a pop/folk singer songwriter who believes everyone is made of the good stuff.

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